HADEM or (Haiti-Today & Tomorrow) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2010.

We are helping to put technology in the hands of the under-privileged communities across the world. Give them a voice, and the tools to rebuild their community and connect with the world! We have been working initially with Haiti as our Pilot location, already creating over 32 computer labs over the last few years and are looking to open 4 additional centers this year (2016).

HADEM’s vision is to provide substantive developmental opportunities to under-privileged, small communities, including leadership training, internship programs, and real world entrepreneurial experiences.

HADEM developed its pilot programs initially in three major markets. A Computer Lab Center located in Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien, the Micro Credit lab developed in Cap Haitien (North) and Anse-a-Veau (South West) and the Education Center will started in Port-au-Prince and has now been extended to both Cap Haitian and Anse-a-Veau.

Our vision is to educate our youth through purposeful and targeted curricula. This effort will result in the development of the country through a focused education and access to technology. We will strive to provide opportunities resulting in technology /community innovation and the exchange of ideas with communities such as TED Talks. Government will provide tax incentive and funding to the call center organization. This is viable because International business is looking for other market especially Africa, Jamaica, Caribbean and various communities in South Americas.

The resulting benefits are many. Students are prepared to compete in the global economy. Speaking a second language (English) results in being more competitive in the global economy. It will enable a generation of leaders with skills in digital technology.